Photo of Aaron Steinfeld, with atrium in backgroundAaron Steinfeld
Aaron’s specialty is human-robot interaction and advanced transportation. He is interested in how to enable timely and appropriate interaction when interfaces are restricted through design, tasks, the environment, time pressures, and/or user abilities. He utilizes training and experience in robotics, intelligent transportation, rehabilitation, human factors and ergonomics, human-computer interaction, universal design, and research methods.


Photo of Liz Carter standing in outdoor doorway in front of building and reflecting poolElizabeth J. Carter
Liz is currently a project scientist at the Robotics Institute examining people’s interactions with social robots. Previously, she performed research with interactive avatars for children, assessing new computer animation methods, and neuroimaging for autism. She received her Ph.D. from the CMU Psychology Department and her B.A. from Yale University.

Photo of Oscar J. RomeroOscar J. Romero
Oscar is a research project scientist at the Robotics Institute. He is fascinated about the idea of building intelligent systems that can help humans (and other intelligent agents) on their daily tasks. His research interests mainly focus on topics related to Artificial Cognition & Cognitive Architectures, ML, Computational Intelligence, and Hybrid Systems. He received his Ph.D. from Technical University of Madrid and his B.Sc. from Distrital University of Colombia.

Headshot photo of Tesca FitzgeraldTesca Fitzgerald
Tesca is a postdoctoral researcher at the Robotics Institute. She is working with Henny Admoni, Reid Simmons, and Aaron Steinfeld on an ONR-funded, multi-university project on robot self-assessment. Her research vision lies at the intersection of Human-Robot Interaction and Cognitive Systems. She received her PhD from Georgia Tech and her B.Sc from Portland State University.

Graduate Students

Headshot photo of Sarthak AhujaSarthak Ahuja
Sarthak is a Master’s student at the Robotics Institute. His work focuses on robot self-assessment, particularly on robot perception and reasoning about robot interactions with the physical world.

Headshot photo of Lynn KiraboLynn Kirabo
Lynn Kirabo is a PhD student in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. Her research includes Human-Computer Interaction, Accessibility, Global South, Misinformation and Ethics. She is interested in understanding the role that context plays in technology design & adoption among different communities, such as people with disabilities and residents of the Global South.

Photo of Samantha Reig sitting in chairSamantha Reig
Sam is a PhD student at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute. She is interested in human-robot interaction in groups.

Headshot photo of Zhi TanXiang Zhi Tan
Zhi is a PhD student in the Robotics Institute. His work focuses on exploring how humans interact with multiple robots by building systems and tools that enable these interactions.

Headshot photo of Allan WangAllan Wang
Allan is a PhD student at the Robotics Institute. His research interest is in social navigation. He studies how pedestrians interact with each other. His aim is to develop learning based methods to teach mobile robots to conform to our social rules while navigating in public spaces. He truly wishes for mobile robots to be part of our lives.

Photo of Qian Yang with trees in backgroundQian Yang
Qian is a PhD student at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute.

Undergraduate Students

Fern Limprayoon

Lab Alumni

Abhijat Biswas: PhD student at CMU Robotics Institute

Lucile Callebert: Research Programmer at University of Glasgow

Joe Connolly: Undergraduate student at Yale University

Alex Haig: Master’s student at CMU

Ceci Morales: Automation Engineer at iRobot

Amal Nanavati: PhD student at University of Washington

Marynel Vázquez: Assistant Professor at Yale University


Henny Admoni

Jodi Forlizzi

Michal Luria

Anthony Tomasic

John Zimmerman